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Do you have questions about our service? Would you like to know more about Junk Geni? Curious to know what we will and won’t clean up or clean out? Look below for some of our commonly asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you seek, contact us and let us know!

I have pets. Can you do your work with them around?

We love pets! However, we ask that you move them to a secure location where they cannot interfere with the job you contract us to do. If your pets are in the way, our staff will ask you to move them before starting their job. This avoids possible injuries to your pet. Junk Geni cannot be held responsible if your pet gets injured because you do not move them.

Why is Junk Geni better than doing it yourself?

Junk Geni is here to become your hands, your back, and your muscle. We're trained professionals who can save you the risk of personal injury. Do you own a pickup truck? Thinking about ordering a dumpster? Both appear to be easy and simple solutions; however, filling them up isn’t as easy as it looks. Have you considered the pros and cons of using your own truck or ordering a dumpster?

  • Size could be a problem - not enough space for your load
  • Height and weight limits
  • HOA Rules and Regulations don't permit dumpsters
  • Exposure to liability for accidents
  • People adding to your removal without your permission

We could go on.....but you get the picture.
Junk Geni will clean up and clean out what is agreed upon when you sign your contract. We do all of the work, not you. We will not leave equipment sitting in front of your house. When the job is complete, we pack up and leave. In the event your job is larger than our truck is capable of transporting, we will return as soon as possible to complete your job without any additional cost to you.

Why shouldn’t I choose one of your competitors?

This is a fantastic question! Our quote is our bond; we stand behind what we agree to do. We have no hidden fees. We will not try to renegotiate a fee once the contract/quote has been signed. If we underestimated the job, we will not charge extra (unless agreed in the contract / quote in specific situations) and will happily complete your job as promised.

We do not have any franchise fees, which enables us to pass the savings on to you, the customer. We can easily adjust your fees on the spot in the event we over-quoted you. Our price structure that is posted for you to see on our website, designed to give you the most educated estimate of what your job will cost. However, we ask you to recognize that not every item has a fixed price and there will be situations where we will need to provide customized pricing based on a visual assessment on site. Junk Geni takes pride in being an up-front and reliable service-oriented company.

Junk Geni will always do more for less; we pride ourselves on our customer-provider relationships. Your satisfaction is our #1 concern.

Does Junk Geni have its own truck?

Junk Geni’s truck bed is 16 feet long, 8 feet wide and 5 feet high, with a total capacity of 24 cubic yards and has a dump bed capability. We can clean up or clean out anything we can load into our truck. We have the unique ability to adjust our fee to our customer’s needs based on the clean-up/clean-out situation. Our standard rates are highly competitive and never contain any hidden fees. Our quote is our bond. We will always be up front with what we can and cannot clean up/clean out with our truck.

What equipment does Junk Geni use?

Junk Geni will provide all necessary equipment based on our initial meeting and assessment. After we have a signed quote and you have contracted us to do the work, we will take note of the tools we need to bring to assist us in completing the job requested. This is one of the most important reasons we request to have an initial meeting before we bring out our staff and equipment. Any job requiring the use of specialty tools will result in extra cost added to your bill; however, most jobs do not require any specialty tools, therefore keeping your costs low.

Can Junk Geni move my stuff from one location to another?

Junk Geni is not a moving company. As such, we do not have the proper equipment to move you from one home to another. Our truck is not designed for these kinds of moves. However if you have the need to move specific items from one location to another, we can assist you. To answer the question, every situation is unique; for example, we can move your items from one storage locker to another storage locker. However, we do not own or use protective equipment when moving items; therefore, we advise you to contact a moving service for moving your items into your home.

Please be aware that our specialty is cleaning up and cleaning out. While we are capable of moving items from one location to another, our schedule does not always allow us flexibility to accommodate the time required for such moves. We will accept these types of jobs on a case-by-case basis.

What does Junk Geni do with the cleaned out material?

Junk Geni is highly conscious of the need to minimize the burden on our landfills. We will take necessary measures to attempt to separate and dispose of material in a manner that is as environmentally responsible as possible as are capable. We are firm believers that one person's scraps are another person's treasures, and if we can give your discarded items a new home to needy families, we will make every effort to do so. This is one reason why Junk Geni is in business - not only to help you clean up and clean out your unwanted belongings, but to also assess and determine the best re-use of these items. We cannot guarantee we can do this 100% of the time, however we will make our best and honest effort where possible.

What types of payment does Junk Geni accept?

We accept personal checks, company checks, credit cards and cash. For our commercial customers, we are happy to send you an invoice; however, we prefer payment after the job has been completed to your satisfaction to avoid any billing disputes.

Can Junk Geni do jobs after normal business hours?

Yes! During our initial meeting where we provide your quote, we can discuss your specific situation and arrive at a mutually agreeable time that works for you. A word of advice, though: Junk Geni does believe in showing your neighbors respect for their peace and quiet. Thus, we are restricted to specific hours where we can operate at an acceptable noise level. We will always comply with local noise ordinances, and ask that you check with your city or HOA if you are considering doing your job early or late in the day. Junk Geni does reserve the right to decline service at specific hours if it is determined that local noise ordinances could potentially be violated. We will make every effort to accommodate you within reason.

Do I have to be home when Junk Geni arrives?

We prefer someone to be at the job site when our team arrives. For that reason, we offer very flexible appointment times to accommodate your schedule. We can make arrangements for services that are on the outside perimeter of the job site, but if the service you request is inside your residence, we require a responsible person 18 years of age or older to be present. If someone 18 or older cannot be present, please contact us immediately and we will make every effort to make unique arrangements to accommodate you and your schedule. Upon special request, with text approval or an authorized letter we can make arrangements.

Will I have to wait around all day for Junk Geni to show up?

No, Junk Geni will provide you a scheduled time within a 30 - 60 minute window. Junk Geni's policy does not allow us to over-extend our workload to the point of creating time conflicts. If for any reason we are unable to make your scheduled appointment, we will call you in advance to reschedule a new time with you. In that event, as a courtesy for having to reschedule our service with you, we will take 10% off your total bill. That's the Junk Geni promise.

How long will it take for Junk Geni to schedule an appointment?

While we can't promise it every time, in most cases, Junk Geni can offer same-day appointments. However, we do ask you to have an initial consultation meeting in person or over the phone to discuss your clean-up / clean-out job, to eliminate the pressure of having to make an on-the-spot decision. If we are unable to meet with you the same day you contact us, we will make every effort to provide an appointment on the following day or at a time convenient to you.

Will Junk Geni give me an estimate when I schedule an appointment?

Junk Geni’s affordable pricing is based on the job that you are requesting to have cleaned up or cleaned out, so we need to have a conversation about your cleanup/cleanout site to give you an accurate quote of services. We'll schedule your appointment to discuss your job and give you an accurate quote. Not every job is as it seems and with us visiting the site of the cleanup/clean out, we can make on the spot adjustments to help with your budget.

How much do you charge?

Junk Geni’s competitive and affordable charges are based on materials and quantity that you are requesting to have cleaned up or cleaned out. We do not have franchise fees to worry about, allowing us to pass the savings on to you, the customer. We also have the ability to make on the spot adjustments to our charges on a case by case basis.

Is Junk Geni just a handyman with a truck or are you licensed to do this work?

Junk Geni is not a handyman. We are a licensed clean-up / clean-out service. All Junk Geni staff are fully-trained and insured.

Why doesn’t Junk Geni take hazardous materials?

Junk Geni is not licensed to dispose of hazardous materials - special government and county regulations apply, which prohibit us from moving any form of hazardous material. Your local county recycling or waste management center can advise how to properly dispose of hazardous materials. On occasion, there are also sponsored events in various cities where you can bring your hazardous items for disposal. Check with your local city, county, or waste disposal service for more information. There are some exceptions to what hazardous materials can be hauled. Junk Geni will discuss that with the customer on a case by case basis.

Is there anything Junk Geni will not take?

Junk Geni cannot accept any hazardous materials under any circumstances, including any item that would be considered hazardous. We cannot make any exceptions to this rule. Items considered hazardous include, but are not limited to:

  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals
  • Oil, oil drums or tanks (unless empty and top and bottom are cut out)
  • Solvents
  • Excessive amount of floor tubing
  • Bio Hazardous material

Junk Geni reserves the right to decline clean-up or clean-out of any item considered hazardous. Also, please note, any unexpected and potentially hazardous situation may result in our inability to fulfill our contract with you. We will advise and handle your fees according to the specific circumstances. Under no circumstances will Junk Geni place you, your family, your neighbors and your community, as well as our staff, in a situation that could be harmful to health and well-being.