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About Us

Junk Geni offers full cleanup and clean out services in Tracy, CA, Brentwood, CA, Patterson and the Livermore, CA area. Our junk removal services are designed to make any pile of debris, junk, or clutter disappear from your home or business. We’ll help you reclaim that space you have been so anxious to have back under your control! And we will do this at a price you can easily afford. Doing some demolition or remodeling work? We can help you with the demolition and removal of debris, to free up your time to complete the job. We also partner with general contractors to assist with the clean-up and clean-out portion of the job.

Doesn’t it feel good to know that you have finally taken that first step toward tackling that big project, whether it is cleaning out the garage, storage space, or shed? Haven’t started because you have no idea how you will eliminate the mess once you are done? Take the worry out of the equation – and keep your costs low for removing things! We’ll come by with our truck and friendly helpers and load it all up for you.

At Junk Geni, our mission is to provide quick, efficient and affordable cleanup and clean out services with a smile. When we are done with your job, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and weight lifted off your shoulders. We hope you will find us to be an invaluable resource that you will be comfortable referring to your family and friends.  If you are in the Tracy, Brentwood, Patterson or Livermore, CA area, let us help you! Contact us for a quote today!

How it all started 5 years ago

How it all started 5 years ago


Well as you may know by now the Junk Geni just announced its completion of 5 years in service. So I thought a story from that time would be nice, I have many of them but this story remains my favorite.

About 3 1/2 to 4 years ago, I was doing a cleanup in Modesto for a veteran. Now to be honest I don't remember the gentleman's name, I wish that I did. Anyhow after I finished the job, we had a conversation and he told me a story about him and his buddies that were about to go off to war.

I guess that he and a couple of his buddies were about to ship out in a couple of days. So, they decided to go out with a female friend of theirs. I guess at some point before they all split up for the night, the young lady gave all of them a 2-dollar bill each for good luck. I don't remember the full story at this moment but I do know it was so that they would all return safe.

As it turns out 2 of the guys spent their 2-dollar bill and my customer had kept his remembering what his friend had said. He hung on to that 2-dollar bill for the memory and for the luck instilled in it. During his entire tour, he kept that 2-dollar bill in a safe place, now some may say that he was stupid or make fun of his superstition. But he returned safe and was happy to be home.

After he returned home and settled down a bit he decided to look up his buddies. He was sad to discover that both of his buddies didn't make it home. He flashed back to the night he was given the 2-dollar bill, he remembered that his buddies had spent theirs while he saved his.

He credits the luck he had to his 2-dollar bill. So, he tries to pay it forward, throughout his life he carries a few extra 2 dollar bills in his wallet. He hands one out to someone every now and then. He tells the story of why he hands them out. Now he will tell you that you do not have to save it, he just tells the story and gives a 2-dollar bill to people he feels earned it.

I will say that I was honored to be a recipient of that 2-dollar bill. If not for luck just the story behind why he gives them out. Now I have never seen the man again but about 2 years ago, out of the blue I received a call from the man's son. He asked me if I remember them, and it took me a minute but then he asked me if I still had the 2-dollar bill, I replied yes, the very bill your dad gave me, why, would you like it back. He said no, I asked is everything okay, he said yes. Then he said good bye and that is the last I have heard from them. I often wonder about that call, odd as it was.


Every time I open my wallet I see that 2-dollar bill that he gave me. I still have the very same 2-dollar bill and as far as I know it has brought me good luck. I will continue to carry that 2-dollar bill in my wallet until I feel that it is time for it to be lucky for someone else.

This is the actual 2-dollar bill pictured, now this may have been a blah story for you but to me it is the one that sticks with me above all others.